Grad 2015 Recap

Grads are so much fun because I love the "dressed up" part of it. I love the dresses, the jewelry, the bling, how nice they all look.  These pics of Preston are just so lovely and so fun.

Gradiuate 2015

It is grad season again!  I love photographing grads - in the studio, in park, in a back alley, by a lake, by the river, on a path - you get the idea!

Newborns and Family

The entire family is part of a newborn shoot.  


I love to photograph babies - newborn and at 3 months when they can hold up their head.  So many photographers take very unnatural looking images of babies in all sorts of contorted positions - the babies often don't even look alive.  I like my baby pictures to look natural.  And all expressions are welcome - babies interact with us in many ways and smiling isn't the only valid expression they make!

Newborn in basket, cindy moleski photography, professional photographer, saskatoon, saskatchewan, baby.jpg

Garden Baby Special

Garden Baby is back in time for Easter!  Two days of fresh flowers - a hint of spring.  I will use one set for sure and if your child is happy and we have time we will do a second pose.  Call us at 306-933-3393 to book a session.  Or email  

Garden Baby Special, cindy, moleski, photography, saskatoon, saskatchewan, flowers, baskets, newborn, garden, floral.jpg

Boudoir Season

Boudoir season is over and it was fun! I took some stunning pictures of a lot of very beautiful women. I love the wallpaper backgrounds I have in the studio and this romantic white one is my favorite.

Boudoir, cindy moleski, saskatoon, saskatchewan, photographer, glamour, professional photography.jpg