Winter Season

This has been a busy, stressful and bittersweet winter season because I have sold this building and am moving out this spring.  I am excited to work from home - I live on a beautiful acreage along the river, but sad to leave my studio and it's amazing light.

We did a ton of boudoir again this winter - one of my favorite things to do. I never get tired of it. I love photographing one person at a time and no one is as vested in the outcome as my boudoir clients.  They are literally baring all and work as hard as me to make sure it looks good.

This was a super pretty and warm year to photograph outdoors.  That is what I am most looking forward to in working at home - being able to take advantage of the perfect light, the perfect time of day and the wonderful things that happen with our weather - like hoar frost!

Part of moving out of the studio means we are selling a ton of stuff.  My exquisite display frames, my framing equipment and all of the studio furniture.  We will be selling sofa's, tables and shelving - a lot of that.  I will be posting things on facebook and kijiji in March.  Although the frames are flying out of the studio already.

Looking forward to the future, being challenged as a photographer and doing things differently.