Best Internet Browsers For Viewing Our Website


I was just checking out our website stats and found something interesting to share. Of all our viewers, the top three browsers being used to view our site are Safari (#1), Internet Explorer (#2) and Chrome (#3). I want to give a big thumbs up to those using Safari and Chrome and a little advice for those using Internet Explorer. I know it's the quickest and easiest to use because it comes installed on your computer, but trust me, it's not the best. 


Most malware creators target the browsers that people use the most. Majority of people are still using Internet Explorer because it comes with their computer and it's already installed. I would recommend using Internet Explorer to download one of these other browsers and never using it again. Do a little research and find out which one best fits you. 

My personal favorite is Google Chrome. And second place is a tie breaker between Firefox and Safari. And the best internet browser for viewing our website will be any of the three I just mentioned. Follow the links provided to take you straight to their download page. 

 - Nicole


Google Chrome