Canmore Wedding

What a stunning setting for wedding photography.  This wedding was at Silvertip Golf Course and it did not disappoint!  Steven and Kelsey looked stunning.  We went into Canmore for some of the pictures, but the resort itself was very photogenic!

Fall Weddings

Nothing beats a fall wedding for color and if the light is good that is even better.  This beautiful couple was so easy to shoot.  I love her dress and her hair.  We shot near the Vimy Memorial Bandshell south of the Delta Bessborough at Saskatoon Sk.   The South Saskatchewan river made a lovely backdrop.  The pastel variations of the bridesmaids dresses was extremely pretty.  Just a great shoot!


There is so much visual stimulation all around us.  When something catches your eye you have to go with it.  I have always been enthralled with windows and light and the shadows windows make on the wall and things.  I love looking into a window - it is like looking through the viewfinder of your camera!  I saw that another photographer had taken a shot through these doors and windows and I could not let go of it - I had to play with it myself.


One of a series of lilies I shot last month.  I am so busy shooting and doing all the rest of the work that my staff used to do - there has not been time to even look at these images!

WhiteHot Smile and Tatrina Tai

This was a commercial shoot for WhiteHot Smile.  Her new spokesperson is jazz singer songwriter Tatrina Tai.  They gave me an inspiration photo and this was my take on it. There are  many great shots from this shoot, but this is for sure my favorite.   At least for now.  I will likely love the next one just as much!

Ray and Catherine Banford

Ray and Catherine had the greatest rustic chic wedding!



I wanted to photograph her on the rock, with the sun behind her, which I did.  I wanted to photograph her on a gravel road, with the sun shining on her low in the sky. But the sun went away and we had to wait and wait for it to come out. Then I shot this, which was not what I was going to do, but I love it!

Under the Lights

I was inspired by the snazzy car - I used the lights of the car as a backdrop for the engagment ring.  I was going for a dazzling, under the lights of Broadway look.  I love it!  


Personalized Posters

I designed a series of Canvas Prints as parting gifts for my staff. I love the idea of the personalized message under the image. Please follow this link to see more of my floral images:

If you would like to thank someone or congratulate someone with a personalized message on a print or canvas please message me for more details. I can do prints from 8x10 up and canvas prints



There was a lovely picture of Kate Winslet in Vanity Fair Magazine a few years ago that I have always admired. When I saw this coat I knew that picture would be my inspiration for this portrait!  I had not shot at this location before - Lucky Bastard Distilleries in Saskatoon. What a stunning space for a portrait of a stunning woman!

cindy-moleski-professional-boudoir-photography-saskatoon-saskatchewan-instagram -pinterest - 28983-2573e.jpg

Winter Season

This has been a busy, stressful and bittersweet winter season because I have sold this building and am moving out this spring.  I am excited to work from home - I live on a beautiful acreage along the river, but sad to leave my studio and it's amazing light.

We did a ton of boudoir again this winter - one of my favorite things to do. I never get tired of it. I love photographing one person at a time and no one is as vested in the outcome as my boudoir clients.  They are literally baring all and work as hard as me to make sure it looks good.

This was a super pretty and warm year to photograph outdoors.  That is what I am most looking forward to in working at home - being able to take advantage of the perfect light, the perfect time of day and the wonderful things that happen with our weather - like hoar frost!

Part of moving out of the studio means we are selling a ton of stuff.  My exquisite display frames, my framing equipment and all of the studio furniture.  We will be selling sofa's, tables and shelving - a lot of that.  I will be posting things on facebook and kijiji in March.  Although the frames are flying out of the studio already.

Looking forward to the future, being challenged as a photographer and doing things differently.


Moving on

For some time now I have been looking for a change - something that would challange me and my creativity.  This spring (March 2016) I am moving out of the studio.  I will still be shooting in and around the city, but not in this studio setting.

I am excited about pushing my imagination in new directions!  I will still be shooting weddings and boudoir and babies and grads and families!  I plan on shooting at my acreage, in the city, in a warehouse, on a road and maybe even some boudoir in a hotel.  

We will be having a big, big, big garage sale this spring as well, so stayed tuned for more on that!

New Floral Images in Collection

I have been busy in the garden.  Here are some new floral images for sale through me or Fine Art America.

Cake Smash

I have done a few of these this year.  So much fun - unless the baby has never seen cake, never eaten cake and is totally freaked out by cake (it happened)!  Totally love the "Cake Monster" below!


Garden Baby Pictures from Spring 2015

I must have thousands of cute pictures of kids! Here are some from this spring.  We will only be having two more Garden Baby Specials before I move out of the studio next spring. One in November and the spring one.


Some favorite images from a shoot I did last year.  I love this family shot.