Rain Rain Here to Stay

It was too wet for her to walk on grass today - her heels would have sunk right into the ground. We started in the studio - which was perfect as they preferred clean lines to anything fussy. Then we went downtown and did some urban landscapes. Her dress was stunning - the hem had wire in it, which gave it such a nice structure.

cindy-moleski-professional-grad-graduation-graduate-portrait-senior-photographer-saskatoon-saskatchewan-29550-228e FB.jpg

When you go on location you never know what you are going to get. When I left the highway at Viscount I knew it was going to be lovely because there were ever so slight hills. Then I saw the yard - they had water, they had dense and large trees and horses! Good light, some reprieve from the wind and horses! The haze from the forest fires also softens the light.


Grad at Home

Sometimes I shoot on location. This was taken at his home. This picture will be endlessly fascinating to his kids and grandkids someday - they will pour over the details like the house he grew up in, the yard that will likely be different in their day, his dog…