Bella at Two

This is an outtake from a shoot I did for myself. I hang a canvas of each of my dogs at the age of two, but the background has to be plain white. I love this shot, but the background did not work for the canvas.

cindy-moleski-bella - two-pet-doggie-golden-retriever-saskatoon-saskatchewan-professional-photographer.jpg

Becoming Beautiful

I have been photographing her since she was born. She is so easy to work with, always has been. She is turning into a beautiful young woman. I have not shot on campus in a long time - this spot took me back to my wedding shooting days, I did a lot of them here. I enjoyed the light, the family and the location. What a lovely Sunday.


Sunkissed Mom to Be

Love this sunkissed shot of this new mom to be. I had to edit the dress quite a bit - I did not care for how much of her tummy originally showed, I did not care for the fringe under her bust or that i could see her bra, but it all came together in the end!

cindymoleski-professional-photographer-saskatoon-saskatchewan-maternity-babybump-pregnant-having a baby-29592-0087e.jpg

Sweet 16

I have been photographing this family since the parents got married! I am always excited to have any of them in front of the camera, such an easy going bunch. I love this sun drenched portrait of one of the twins!


Laid Back VIbe

I love the simplicity of my studio! Thomas looked a lot like the actor Chris Pine and he was certainly very easy to photograph because he is both photogenic and friendly.


Elke Hutton

Elke always has good ideas for the shoot, but the one she had today I could not replicate as it was a very specific background. But It thought this was in the spirit of what she was looking for!